HONBU Organizational Structure
The Dai Nippon Butoku Kai
(Ippan Shadan Hojin) General Corporation

Dai Nippon Butoku Kai
Honbu Administrative Office Higashi-Takeya Cho, Kyoto City

Honbu Officials

Sosai, Higashifushimi Jiko, Governor of DNBK Honbu:
Chief Resident-Priest of Shorenin Temple, Cousin to His Majesty the Emperor Emiritus Emperor Akihito of Japan

President of DNBK Board of Directors:
Tesshin Hamada, Hanshi

Chair of DNBK ID:
Tesshin Hamada, Hanshi

Masakatsu Tsujino, Hanshi Judan Kendo

Honbu Board of Directors:
Takemichi Kuwahara, Hanshi, Judan Jujutsu
Tesshin Hamada, Hanshi
Yutaka Takeda, Hanshi, Hachidan Jujutsu
Fuminori Yamada, Hanshi, Hachidan Iaido
Hiroo Nakada, Hanshi, Hachidan, Sojutsu
Masahiko Uemura, Hanshi, Hachidan Karatedo
Kayoko Watanabe, Kyoshi Shichidan Iaido

Administrative Controller:
Masami Fujii, Hanshi Hachidan Iaido

Toshikazu Sakamoto, Hanshi, Hachidan Karatedo

Budo Specialization Committees: Budo Shikko Senmon Iinkai

Selected high ranking experts of DNBK Honbu are assigned into the major disciplines of traditional Budo and Bujutsu, Iaido, Kobudo, Jujutsu, Kendo/Kenjutsu, Karatedo, Aikido/Aikijujtsu, Judo, Kyujutsu, Sojutsu, Jojutsu, and Naginatajutsu.  Total of sixty Hanshi and Kyoshi experts are designated in this official specialization committee.  They perform as Kenshoin officials in the major Taikai events, and also serve as the panel of examiners in the high-ranking promotion certification examinations.

The above appointed positions are for two-year terms and renewable consecutively when approved by the board of directors.  The current appointment is listed as of June, 2022 and it will be reviewed in February 2023.