DNBK Honbu and International Division will accept qualified candidates of the Japanese traditional Budo trainees for their membership in DNBK ID who wish to pursue and share the nobility and Samurai virtues in the highest form and spirit. Please bear in mind that DNBK is not a sport oriented Budo organization but stresses on the classical traditions of Budo and Bujutsu field. Thus, its orientation is based on the traditional values and attitude of Bushido principles.

Those who wish to become a member of DNBK International Division must contact us directly with the following information required to be considered for a valid general membership.

Send the following information to the general email address of butoku:

  1. Concise Vita, including Budo major career
  2. Concise essay on philosophy of Budo, including the reason for applying the DNBK membership
  3. Copy of the last diploma received and indicate the authentic Budo organization name and its information

The office of DNBK ID will notify you further protocol matter after examining the materials sent.  Candidate will be notified promptly when the decision is made.

If you so desire, please contact any of the official representatives listed in appropriate region. They are the legitimate representatives appointed by the authority of the International Division and the Honbu of DNBK in Kyoto Japan.

As a general policy, verification of all of the above will be necessary before the approval of general membership. Paper documentation may not be sufficient for consideration, and thus official interviewing by the appropriate representative may be required. General membership is a necessary initiation step toward a certified membership of DNBK. General member is still a non-certified member. To be certified in DNBK, a formal examination process must be conducted by a designated official representative, dojo heads, and or DNBK ID Kenshoin.

High ranking certification requires the official testing procedure by Honbu officials.

Map of DNBK ID locations - click a continent to zoom in.

Please write to Headquarters, DNBKID for further information.

Updated September, 2018
Honbu Dai Nippon Butoku Kai, International Division